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  • Abro

    Abro is a company that was born in 1930 producing belts. Over the years, already in the 50s, the production was extended to the production of bags conquering a slice of the market and much larger customer. The quality and versatility of the models are loved all over the world, refined unique pieces and luxury at an affordable price: "With our accessories we want to bring a piece of luxury in your life everyday. Each article is designed to please the eye and to make you feel good when you wear it. "

  • Alviero Martini

    The Alviero Martini 1st Class products are faithful to its name, articles of first quality. Production centers were deliberately limited to only the Italian territory, thus giving rise to a "Made in Italy".

  • Alviero Rodriguez

    Articles and lines made with materials of first quality. Each accessory Alviero Rodriguez, thanks to the many fantasies, it is made unique in every detail. The prints make the brand suitable for every occasion from the most elegant to more sporty), and make bags, backpacks, wallets and items of clothing will fit for every age. All proposals Alviero Rodriguez come from the fantasies that bring the world of art, of animals or of the tv series. Check out all the articles discounted the woman and man on , and take advantage of the express shipping and delivery in 24/48 hours!

  • Bikkembergs

    Bikkembergs is a brand that finds creative inspiration in the union between the sensuality of fashion and the strength of the sport.
    Founded in 1986 by the homonymous designer, and a member of the group of designers of the cutting edge known as the "Antwerp Six”, the brand has developed over the years a style which exudes a self-confidence not complicated. The lines refer to a style of streetwear , but not exclusive of accessories and items of clothing for any style classic. All products Bikkembergs are made with materials of first choice and allow women and men to be fashionable and to possess articles that are unique in its kind. On mhateria.en find the uniqueness of this brand combined with price scontatthe also on the latest collections. Bags, backpacks, cosmetic bags, holdalls and wallets are shipped with maximum attention to the packaging and delivery in Italy within 48 hours!

  • Cavalli Class

    The bold style and powerful impact that characterizes the Roberto Cavalli acquires an identity that is even more sophisticated and distinctive with the line Cavalli Class, that offers elegance and versatility suitable for any type of day. Each item is made with high quality materials that highlight the care, the passion and the experience that the company has always Roberto Cavalli imposes on its lines. Also the line Cavalli Class, available on, shows the attention to detail and the obsessive care of the details that make bags, rucksacks and accessories for women and men a real must-have. On mhateria.en you find the articles of all the collections at the best prices, that will guarantee elegance and simplicity with the speed of shipping and express delivery!

  • Ferrè

    Since 1969, the year in which he moved his first steps in the world of fashion, the name of Gianfranco Ferre is a synonym of elegance, luxury and prestige. In 1978 he founded the association of Gianfranco Ferrè, and its collections, thanks also to the numerous collaborations and fashion shows, they become studded by a rain of prizes and revolutionised the world of fashion. The line Ferre Collections becomes a point of reference for all articles of leather goods for women and men. Accessories made with special materials and quality that make this line unique and always in step with the times. In the online shop of is possible to find handbags, backpacks, wallets, and belts at the best prices, that provide quality items for any occasion.

  • Happiness

    The trademark Happiness was founded in 2007 in Rimini, when a family specialized in the printing of t-shirts, he decides to become a fashion house. From that moment on, the rise of the brand is in continuous improvement, and makes the Happiness a brand known all over the world. The lines are mainly aimed at a vision street wear both accessories and clothing, involving especially the world of the young The fantasies are varied and range from solid colors to animal prints to go with the camouflage. All of this is available on, the online store that always stays up to date on the news and on the best brands. All articles are 100% original and reduced prices with deliveries in 24/48 hours , represent one of the points of strength!

  • Invicta

    The trademark Invicta was born in England in the early years of the 1920's, but it is in Turin that opens the first workshop. The first products are intended for expeditions in the alpine and in the years of the second world war become part of the military equipment. In the meantime, Invicta had already filed the patent for the modern baby carrier , and after the war and continues to produce articles for mountaineering and transforms the mountain backpack into an icon of urban style, functionality and Italian design: the Wildcard, which in 2016 was produced in a limited edition to celebrate 110 years of the history of the brand. The backpack Wildcard and the main products Invicta are available in the online shop of, the online store for multi-brand that is always careful to offer its customers the most durable and best made. All the collections Invicta on are available in various colors and models, which include the characteristic "vintage line" , which shows the characteristic of the years '80 and '90. Backpacks, laptop case, backpacks, sports bags and fanny packs are always discounted, they are shipped in the original packaging and delivered in Italy in 24/48 hours!

  • Kipling

    Kipling's story is a story of passion, creativity and entrepreneurship. In 1987 came a line of casual bags, colored, sporty-looking and functional, accessible to all budgets, full of grit but never "earnest", opinionated or snobbish. Simply put, bags FUN!
    Kipling bags are part of the lives of over 35 million women in more than 60 countries worldwide. Every year Kipling sells 6 million bags in its 215 stores, 450 in the areas of distribution or in dedicated over 4000 multi-brand stores. Doing the math ... something like 23 bags per minute! A number of monkeys not bad! Kipling is part of VF Corporation, a leading international clothing and accessories brand.

  • La Fille des Fleurs

    Brand dynamic, eye-catching and modern, which gives to the bags, to backpacks and accessories all the best of Made in Italy. La Fille des Fleurs is all this, an Italian brand that puts in first place the quality of the materials, the attention to detail and continuous innovation.
    All the products of the various collections are designed to offer articles dynamic, versatile and in different materials: bags, backpacks, and accessories leather, eco-leather and fabric to suit the needs of any woman.
    All the lines of La Fille des Fleurs are available at the online shop of, the best shop for purchases in the field of fashion. offers always low prices and new items are always arriving. Shipments are immediate and guaranteed delivery in Italy in 24/48 hours.
    Do not miss the bags and accessories, and La Fille des Fleurs , and treat yourself to a unique shopping experience!

  • Moschino

    Moschino occupies an important position on the international fashion stage, thanks to its own history, consistency and continuity. The Moschino, Moschino Cheap and Chic and Love Moschino collections make their mark by expressing its creativity that makes irony and elegance its strength through the reinterpretation of the classics.

  • Liu Jo

    The brand Liu Jo was founded in Carpi, initially focusing on knitwear and spreading first through the channel of multi-brand and through the brand both in national territory or abroad. The creation of the line Liu Jo accessories dates back to the years 2000 and right now the goal is to enhance the femininity and beauty of every woman. The brand Liu Jo are characterized by a contemporary style, by an accurate selection of the best materials and attention to detail. All the accessories are faithful to the tradition and represent the elegance and authenticity of the Italian style. All these features are enhanced on the shop mhateria.en, where items of Liu Jo are available in various models and colors. For each and every article is guaranteed the originality and the care of materials, to allow our clients a'unique shopping experience. Free shipping for amounts exceeding € 75 and are delivered by courier.

  • Mhateria

    Mhateria is our brand, was born in 2018 in Florence, and has as a goal to create products that are unique, contemporary and highly recognizable, exalting the Made in Italy. Each item guarantees the quality and originality at competitive prices, and is available exclusively on the app store All lines and collections are created through a important study of the product, that puts you at the center of all the choice of materials and care of details, to not leave anything "to chance". All items for man and woman, from bags to backpacks, from wallets to clothing are shipped in an immediate manner, through the packaging of custom and modern. The deliveries are made by courier in Italy and are guaranteed in 24/48 hours. The continual customer service and the ability to request the gift box for every product purchased makes the buying experience even more unique.

  • Moleskine

    The company was founded as modo&modo, a small milanese publishing house which, in 1997, has brought to life the notebook the original, recording the brand Moleskine®. The main objective of this brand is to ensure the continuity of the relationship between analog and digital tools. This process is carried forward through the offer of products such as notebooks, bags, journals and cases that deal with the dynamics of the work and free time. All items Moleskine are available on and ensure a remarkable dynamism and lasting in time. All lines and collections are addressed to women and men who want to stand out without losing the charm of a classic taste and at competitive prices. The shipments are free for amounts over 75 euros, and deliveries are made via courier.

  • NoBrand

    NoBrand is an Italian brand characterized by modern lines. All the items of the collections feature attention to detail and high quality materials, the unique features of the Made in Italy. It is from this that the brand takes its inspiration, by offering products for youth, comfortable to wear and suitable for any occasion. Bags, backpacks and accessories are available exclusively on Mhateria,en, the online shop is always ready to welcome innovations in the world of fashion. All articles Conservative are available at competitive prices and in the continuous promotion, without sacrificing quality. On shipments are close with the courier, and deliveries take place in 24/48 hours. is specialized in the online sale of accessories and apparel for women and men and guarantees every customer a unique shopping experience. All the products are at discounted prices and the customer support is always available!

  • Patrizia Pepe

    The brand Patrizia Pepe was founded in Florence in the early years of 1990. The name "Pepper" identifies from the outset the spirit of the brand, not conventional and very dynamic.
    The women can recognize, a brand that blends the practicality of the everyday and the glamour of the important moments, thanks to the sophisticated minimalism of the forms and the meticulous attention to details. Features that blend in perfectly with, the online shop official dealer for Patrizia Pepe. On mhateria.en you will find all the collections and the lines at very competitive prices. The wide availability of the bags, backpacks and accessories in leather, eco-leather and fabric are fastened to the clothing so you can wear a contemporary look without sacrificing the taste of the classic and simplicity. All the products Patrizia Pepe on are 100% original and are shipped in an immediate way!

  • Piquadro

    The brand Piquadro is specialized in handbags and accessories for the innovative business, which are distinguished for their great features and functionality as uknow, and express, in design, performance and recognizable, the originality and elegance of Italian style. Piquadro is a company and a Italian brand, which has as main objective to enhance the quality of its leather and the sensitivity in the design. All products are made with the highest attention to detail and to every little finishing. The online shop guarantees the perfect preservation of materials and a wide assortment of items in the continuous promotion. All the lines and collections for men and women are always up to date to ensure quality products and a wide choice to the end customer. Backpacks, folders, pouches, wallets and other accessories are shipped respecting the integrity and original packaging Piquadro, guaranteeing the originality. also offers free shipping and guarantees delivery in Italy within 24/48 hours!

  • Replay

    Replay is an Italian brand of fashion clothing and accessories that was born in the hills of treviso in 1978. From the outset the aim with the brand name and the same Replay, is to repurpose vintage accessories in a contemporary key. The lines and collections are mainly aimed at one style of streetwear , but "wink" and also such articles of taste the most classic. is one of the leading online retailers of the brand Replay, and ensures awide availability of accessories for man and woman fabric, nylon or leather. Bags, backpacks, duffel bags and wallets, allow it to be worn every day to be always trendy. On mhateria.en you can take advantage of the most competitive prices and deliveries with the courier. Each item is shipped immediately after receipt of the order and the customer support is always available!

  • Sax

    The trademark Sax is since the early years of the 1960s at the centre of Italian fashion, initially with the production of shoes and subsequently with the production of leather accessories for man and woman. Each item of this brand exalts the Made in Italy, and the use of raw materials of excellence. Because of this idea of authenticity, the online shop of mhateria.en, is proud to offer its clients products of this thickness. All the lines and collections of Sax are high quality and put at the center of all the attention to details and finishes. offers exclusive bags, backpacks, belts, and other accessories of the brand Sax, guaranteeing to the final consumer, quality products at affordable prices. Shipments are immediate and express deliveries!

  • Sprayground

    The trademark Sprayground is an american brand that developed in generations of youth, especially through social networks. Accessories Sprayground, in particular, the backpacks, the express rebellion, creativity, and individuality. All backpacks and accessories are colored and easily recognizable, thanks to the note texture adopted by the brand in production. With the passing of time, the brand began to produce clothing, primarily related to the streetwear world. All these products are available exclusively on mhateria.en, online store, ready to perceive and collect all the news from the world of fashion. The latest collections of men and women are all available and ready for delivery. Backpacks, bags and t-shirts are shipped in the original packaging Sprayground via express courier. Visit and buy the products at the best prices on the web!

  • Trussardi

    Trussardi is a brand of quality and innovation. Always in step with the times, even when the production of gloves, it is "open" to the production of bags and fashion accessories for women and men. All the items are made with first quality materials and reflect the idea of the authentic Made in Italy and attention to details. On mhateria.en these articles are enhanced by promotional prices and constant discounts that make the purchase even more compelling. All lines and collections are presented in a clear and simple way, highlighting the various materials and characteristics. All the products of Trussardi in the store show the classic and contemporary accessories and are objects of which women and men can not do without! The exclusivity of the articles are highlighted by an ongoing customer support and affordable prices.