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  • Alviero Martini

    Handbags, travel bags, handbags Soft Geo and Geo Classic, cases, beauty cases, shoes and Zain signed Alviero Martini in leather and fabric.

    The Alviero Martini 1st Class products are true to their name, first quality items. The production centers have been deliberately restricted to just Italian territory, thus giving rise to a "Made in Italy."

  • Bikkembergs
  • Happiness
  • Mya 70
  • Napapijri

    It was the early Nineties when in Aosta began the story of Napapijri, a name which in Finnish indicates the Arctic Circle. From the desire to combine the importance of technical work with a strongly innovative connotation, the adventure of Green Sport Monte Bianco spa is born. The family business begins with the production of Napapijri backpacks and handbags designed to meet the needs of travelers. The experimental vocation then comes naturally to a series of clothing proposals, an area where all technical skills are summed up, but always with an unusual style of expression for a purely sporting brand. The chromatic and discreet appearance and the more fashionable fit of the city make it possible for the brand to build, with the passing of the seasons, a true range of products that clearly abandons the bright colors, the protagonists undiscovered to date by the landscapes of ' High altitude, in favor of a state-of-the-art image, which will set law in the industry by imposing a new trend. Napapijri thus records an immediate success by imposing even more "urban" segments in its Norwegian recognition mark. For the first time, a tradition exclusively tied to the technical / sports field is taking place in the streets of the city, with a pathway to those who in the past have taken the "active" outfit for inspiration for existing casual lines. Alongside the study of new image solutions, Napapijri has always focused on innovation and research by tightening up agreements with other technologically advanced realities and expanding the number of production activities controlled by Aosta Headquarters. After the first years of the 2000s, the need to consolidate the business, and to provide a more international distribution network, brings Napapijri to look for a more global location. The solution comes in May 2004, with the sale of the brand to the US holding VF Corporation, leader of the sportswear segment.

  • Piquadro

    Piquadro is specializing in bags and accessories for the innovative business, which are distinguished by their great functionality of use and express, in powerful and recognizable design, the originality and elegance of Italian style

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